Urbanrevs is deeply passionate about helping the local church mobilise their people to live out the grace and mercy of Jesus in their world.

The focus of Urbanrevs mobilisation is two-fold, conversation and practical training.

Conversation includes…

  • Conversation with local church leaders on what does “His kingdom come…” really look like?
  • Conversation with local church leaders on mobilisation strategies

Urbanrevs training includes…

  • Introduction to Urbanrevs
    • Every follower of Jesus (FOJ) an urban rev
  • Intentional urban mission for FOJ
    • Who’s your flock?
    • Taking responsibility.
    • Heart ready?
    • Luke 10 – Intentional Kingdom mission
  • FOJ and the 5 “P” roles
    • Presence – Are you listening?
    • Pastor – Jesus model and call
    • Priest – Shoulder to shoulder
    • Prophet – God’s spokesperson
    • Prince – Identity & Influence

Training Format & Style

  • Local church based
  • Face-to-face classroom based training
  • MULTI-MODAL ministry ready
  • Roles-based “practical” training
  • Head-Heart-Hands training delivery
  • I.D.E.A. based hands-on skill development

Advanced Urbanrevs…

These advanced urbanrevs tools are delivered in the classroom, and, coming shortly – online at urbanrevs.com.
    • Suicide awareness for FOJ
    • Caring in grief and loss
    • Critical incident ready
    • Moral injury and moral repair
    • 4-R’s of urban ministry self-care – pitfalls and solutions

Urbanrevs is not an evangelism course. It’s a church-wide way of thinking that is focused on ‘Kingdom’ first, vertical integration/adoption, training, mobilisation and body-wide replication of Jesus’ mission.

Urbanrevs is about faithful FOJ (followers of Jesus) modelling themselves on Christ’s example of shepherding (living out various roles when needed) and seeing his ‘Kingdom come’.

Take the pressure off the local church.

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