GoMo is short for the urban revs movement.

It’s for people passionate about seeing Jesus’ Kingdom come to our world today.

We simply champion this cause. The greatest mission we can live for. Jesus’ mission.

Ok, so how can we do it?

First of all can I say many of you are already doing it. You’re leading the way. Thank you! Urbanrevs is not doing anything new – only passionate about helping it flourish!

Ok, there’s a bunch of stuff we can do. We’ve broken this up into different areas. Hope this helps.

If you’re a senior pastor.
  • Talk with us about HOW to mobilise your congregation to be active in kingdom come
  • When you teach/preach always direct people HOW to see the kingdom come in practical ways!
  • Encourage your congregation and others to do the online Urbanrevs mobilisation training
  • Be trained in urban revs modality (train the trainer course)
  • Develop a long term strategy at church to develop a culture where every FOJ is pro-active in kingdom building
  • Champion the guiding principles!
  • Spend time at your sunday service getting your congregation sharing how they saw Jesus’ kingdom come this week
If you’re a church leader.
  • Teach from the bible on the guiding principles
  • Consider having your team do the Urbanrevs online training
  • Lead with the concept that our local community is the flock Jesus wants us to shepherd
    • That we’re all responsible for shepherding the community God has in
  • Champion FOJ to influence their marketplace (pillars, mountain-tops, nodes of influence) for Christ’s kingdom
If you’re a church lay person (actively involved in church life).
  • Do the online Urbanrevs training and invite others to do it also
If you’re in a mission agency.
  • Engage us to consult with you at a strategic/governance level. NB. Our background and expertise is in NFP Christian mission
If you own a business.
  • Be strategic and seek God how you can see kingdom come as a business – internally and externally
  • Discuss with us how you can see kingdom come in your business – contact us
If you’re a Kingdom advocate.
  • Continue to shine!
  • Get loud. Be smart.
  • Let us know you are with us! Shoot us an email – soon we will have a sign up!


More to come… we’re building this list – come back for more…