Urbanrevs may be protagonists who are passionate leading change in local communities or campaigners stirred in mission to make grace immanent.


Urbanrevs had its genesis in a contemporary Aussie missional movement which continues to soar today. Having and continuing to train thousands of lay people who love Jesus, across all tribes, and want to get active in their community. It’s tried and tested, biblically based, and challenges many of our typical missional paradigms as church leaders and parishioners.


  • We have just launched in 2019
  • Urbanrevs serves those gathered and scattered
  • We love the local church and those passionate about community and marketplace
  • We’re looking for other missional protagonists across Australia (who would be happy with no/low pay, lots of hard work, push-backs, rapid learnings and few resources. People who are self-starters, want to influence their culture, their marketplace, are good at training and motivating people, and prepared to invest money and time into something for Jesus that may not succeed). Please contact us.
  • If you would like to know more please contact¬†us.


If you would like to discuss or participate in the Urbanrevs program in your local faith community please contact us direct.